Monday, 9 December 2013

are we having a boy or girl?

In one week we find out if Penelope is getting a brother or a sister! This time around I really have no clue, I waffle between thinking it's a boy or a girl constantly. With Pen, I was positive I was having a boy, so clearly my gut instinct is not to be trusted! I did a poll on my blog with Penny, and the overwhelming response was that I was having a GIRL! So, you guys were right last time..let's see how you do this time around!

We are still deciding whether we'll reveal the gender right away, or wait till Christmas and reveal it in person to our family. I think the Christmas idea is super sweet, but we're not the most patient of people.

So get voting people!!! :) Please see the poll on the right sidebar, or feel free to leave a comment

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