Friday, 29 November 2013

naming your second

I love names. You can probably tell based on the vast number of blogs I have written in the past on naming Penelope. For some reason, naming our first was easy-peasy. Not so much this time.

We finally agreed on a girl name, but not after a lot of consideration. I ended up choosing the name, but we are both excited and on board with it. The one issue I really had was finding something that fit with Penelope, and one that was not too common. We ended up choosing the most "common" or "popular" name from our list, but I almost didn't choose it simply because it was more popular. After a lot of self talk I realized that I needed to choose the name I liked best, and not worry if there are already kids in the nursery with that name.

Now, for boy names. We had a boy name picked out, which my husband had selected. But after awhile I just felt like I was "going along" with things. I didn't love the name. Now we're back to square one, flipping through books. The problem is, our taste in boy names is vastly different.

My husband loves biblical, highly unusual names (think Hezekiah and and Ephraim). I, on the other hand, like more trendy names or more traditional names (think Lincoln and Henry). I seem to have a love for names that were originally last names, and sound quite masculine. My big problem though is that I'm always thinking of a nick name, and find with boy's names that I like there is often not the greatest nick name. For example, I love Lincoln, but I don't like Linc at all. I love Bennett, and I even love Ben, but then we realized our kids would be Pen and Ben.

Do you see my issues? Do you feel my pain? Totally open to suggestions :)


  1. I LOVE hearing about baby names haha. And also, I've always loved the name Henry (even mentioned it to my Mum as a potential boy's name in the future). I'd love to hear what you have picked out! I'm sure the names are great :)

  2. I think Pen and Ben sounds awesome! Rhyming names can be totally cute. I know my son's name is Benjamin, but what about names like that? It's both traditional/trendy and Biblical. Also, have you considered looking at names traditional to either of your heritages (ie. Maltese/Italian or Scottish) to come up with a good balance of traditional/trendy and traditional/obscure. For example: Kenneth is a great Scottish name that is strong, masculine, traditional and less common. It can also be made into a nickname like Ken or Kenny (which also rhymes with Penny - which is subsequently awesome lol!)

  3. A wonderful Scottish name (it was one of my family names) is Laird. I have never checked the derivation, but some say that it was ascribed to the "lord of the manor" if you follow Downton Abbey at all :)

    I know you and Daniel will pick the perfect name for your second child. xo Kathy