Sunday, 24 November 2013

being pregnant the second time around {how it's different}

Both my first and second pregnancies, so far, have been nearly identical in symptoms. I feel like it wasn't too long ago that I was in Hamilton, sitting in the midwifery clinic waiting for my name to be called. Here I am again a year and a bit later, in a different midwifery clinic...but it's all really quite familiar.

Still, this pregnancy has felt vastly different. Not because of the symptoms, but because of the difference in my lifestyle and living situation.

an obvious one: getting bigger faster

1. a 400 square foot house vs. a 1400 square foot house
When I was pregnant with Penelope we were living in the tiniest apartment (married dorms as a Christian university). Our house was always clean, because it was so tiny and easy to maintain. Jump forward to this second pregnancy, and we're living in a decent sized townhouse. Maintaining a house over three times bigger is a ton more work. Needless to say, the neat freak in me has really gone soft.

2. no children vs. an active toddler
In my first pregnancy I had no other kids to think about, all my focus and energy was spent on dreaming about my future child and the wonders of motherhood. This time around I have an extremely active toddler (who sleeps a bit like a newborn). Needless to say, there's been a whole lot of fatigue going on around here.

3. being a housewife vs. being a stay at home mom
My first pregnancy I was also at home, but I didn't have kids yet. I always had dinner made when Daniel came home, and our laundry was always folded and put away. Not so much this time around!

4. not knowing a thing about pregnancy vs. having been there once before
I had a ton of anxiety the first time around, but this time I have been way more relaxed. I eat foods I didn't eat before, I stress a lot less, and I find I just feel like I know what to expect in most situations. I'm also trying to avoid mistakes I made last time, like trying to be more active, stretching more, going for more prenatal massages, and eating much healthier.

5. less focused on this pregnancy
This has been my biggest source of guilt, but I find myself way less focused on my baby belly and the little one growing inside of me. With my first barely an hour went by without thinking about my soon to be daughter, but I just don't have that luxury now. I wish I could lay down for two hours and rub my belly and have big dreams for this little one, but it's simply not possible with my first little dream running circles around me!

6. choosing a name is super hard
I don't know why but for some reason choosing a name is so hard this time. I think partially because we want the name to sound good with Penelope, and because we're just a lot pickier this time around.

Some things never change though, and I'm just as excited and thrilled to meet our little one the second time around. And I have the same amount of excitement and anxiousness about finding out the gender on December 16th! Can't wait!!!

baby belly # 2
we're having more ultrasounds this time around

What about you? What was different with your second (or third, etc) pregnancy?


  1. Wow! This is my third pregnancy and for me it is much different all around. With my first two, I was barely sick and it took a while before I had a visible bump. However baby #3 has made itself seen much earlier and I just got over morning sickness. I will say having an active 2 year old does make this pregnancy and the last vastly different. With the last my oldest was about 3 nearly 4 so she was a wee bit more independent and she was out of the terrible twos & fully potty trained. Not the case this time. I am thankful for all of my littles.

  2. That picture of you is so cute! Each pregnancy was different and unique just as each of my children is so different and unique. :-)