Sunday, 13 October 2013


this weekend is all about giving thanks. typically, I prepare my heart and spirit for this weekend with lots of anticipation, lots of gratitude, and possibly some fun decor and crafts around the house.

not so much this year. It's been a really touch few weeks for me, and my soul feels very battered and bruised. but today, God spoke to my heart, convicted me, challenged me, and made me feel restored and redeemed. this difficult season is not over, but I pray that I can be reminded of God's provision, and remain thankful, even still.

what are you thankful for today? here is a small snippet of what I'm thankful for.

my husband - he truly is a wonderful man. each and every day he proves that to me more and more. God has richly blessed our marriage, and brought us through many trials and triumphs in a short two and a half years. I love you Daniel more than I can ever say in words, but just know that even on my darkest days I praise God for you.

my daughter - penelope has grown so much this past month (I feel like I say that every month!) She is such a joy. Nobody makes me laugh like she does, nobody is more captivating than she is. I love my daughter so much and I know the Lord has great things planned for her. I'm thankful to be a full-time mom that gets to watch my girl grow and blossom each day, all day.

my parents - I have three wonderful parents. my mom, who birthed me and raised me into the woman I am today. I have huge respect for my mom, especially being a mama myself now. I also love and appreciate my in-laws, who have helped and encouraged our family and been there for us so much and in so many ways.

my siblings - there has been lots of joy and heartache in being an only child with lots of siblings (and yes, that is as confusing as it sounds). Throughout my life I have had seven siblings by either marriage or blood, but I have almost always lived as the only child. lately I am trying to focus though on the joys I have had with so many siblings, and all the love that I have for each of them.

my material blessings - I truly am thankful for all the ways God has blessed me materially, and know that it is thanks to him and only him. I'm thankful for our car, house, clothes, food. We have so much and only lately I am beginning to realize that it's nice to have, but it's not necessary. in fact, some of my happiest times are when we have had the least.

my city, and my church - there are still so many ways for me get to know and get involved in my church and community, but I am so thankful. we've been here a short time, but we see how God has blessed us by bringing us here. it hasn't been a perfect transition (when is transition ever easy or perfect?) However, God has pruned us and grown us through this time of change.

So many more things I could say, but that's all for now! Let me know what you're thankful for!

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