Tuesday, 22 October 2013

penelope has an announcement

penelope has something to say!

she's going to be a big sister!
we are so thrilled to officially announce that i'm pregnant

i'm due may 9th according to my ultrasound 
and yes, that's just a few days before penelope's second birthday

this would also explain why my blog has been quiet
and my house has been a disaster
and a whole lot of other things too!

here is our ultrasound of our little peanut (or, fig, according to baby center)
note to self:
don't act like you know everything just because you're having your second child,
and not follow the directions to drink 1L of water, one hour before 
resulting in a very blurry ultrasound!


  1. Congrats :) I had the same reaction as penny had

  2. Congratulations!!! What a blessing! How are you feeling?

  3. Great news! Growing up my sister and I always had joint birthday parties and I hated sharing my special day (we are 6 days apart, 2 years between us), so there's a caution to you! It's nice having similar due dates though because you can reuse all your maternity clothes!!! Our kids were late August, late September, and late October so I reused everything!

    Happy for you all!

    1. We actually didn't "try" in August after six months of trying for the specific reason that I didn't want them to have to share a birthday. God has his own timing though and we're so excited and blessed to have two May babies! For awhile it looked like they might even have the exact same birthday, but my ultrasound made my due date earlier...so the closest they'll be is probably about a week apart.

      I agree that sharing a birthday party would be horrible! lol! I will probably do joint birthdays until they're in school and have their own school friends to invite. If I have two girls it will be even easier to do joint parties, but I know I always wanted to feel super special on "my day", so I'll put in the extra effort for them. Our wedding anniversary is also in May -- so it's a crazy month!

  4. Congrats Brianna! So excited for you!!!

  5. That's so exciting! Congrats Bell family!

  6. Congratulations! Such wonderful news!

  7. Congratulations Bell Family! Penny's reaction is priceless, it's as if she knows what is to come!