Wednesday, 11 September 2013

ten things i love about our new life

We're really starting to get settled in guelph, despite the fact that we've been here for less than two weeks! I am also settling into this new life of ours. It is pretty much a new life; a new job, city, house, and even a completely different schedule for Penelope and I.

I could list many things I love about this new life of ours, but here's just a few.
1. Our house
Obviously, we love our house. It's our first real house. It's big and spacious and I love it. This is the perfect home for a young family, and I see ourselves here for the next four to five years.

2. Our church
Did I mention that I love our church? Because I do. Every single day my husband comes home with a big smile and something new to tell me, and it's always something awesome! I'm enjoying getting to know our church family, and finding that despite that fact that it's basically a mega-church, we really are getting to know people and making friends.

3. Downtown Guelph
I am falling in love with Downtown Guelph. It is full of fun little shops, neat cafes and restaurants, and my new favourite bookstore (called The Bookshelf). There are also tons of great thrift shops that are nothing like Sally Ann. Trust me. I am learning that Guelph is quite trendy, with it's organic and fresh everything, and anti-big box stores. I love it.

4. Bibles for Missions
My favourite store ever is Bibles for Missions. There was a small one in Burlington where I always found amazing (and cheap) treasures. The prices at Bibles for Missions are typically 40% - 60% less than Salvation Army and Goodwill. Plus, the money goes to a good cause. We discovered a HUGE Bibles for Missions right by our house. It is so well organized, clean, and relatively smell free. My new weekly shopping place, for sure!

5. Tots Classes
One thing that is a bummer about Guelph is that I don't find it very family oriented or baby friendly (sorry, I had to say it!) There are virtually no places to eat Downtown with a high chair, and I don't see a lot of young families around. However, there are some amazing mom and tot programs nearby. Our church has one that I am going to with Penelope (and it's free!) there are a few more in the neighbourhood, as well as one at the Waldorf School across the street from us. I am seriously considering enrolling us in the Waldorf program for the Winter.

6. Our Schedule
Living in Milton was very, very lonely. I didn't know anyone (except for my friend Ashley), and many days were spent just Pen and I. Our new life is totally different, so far it's been hard to come by a day without a visitor. Nearly every single day this week, and next week, is booked up with visits from friends, family, and play groups.

7. The View
We live on the edge of Guelph. The view near our house is breathtaking. There are beautiful trees and a gorgeous landscape that nearly takes my breath away. Our neighbourhood is just gorgeous, I sometimes think I'm in leave-it-to-beaver land. Most of the homes are large and well-maintained (ours is the latter, not the former). It's pretty easy to get motivated for a long walk around here.

8. Lunch-time
Almost every day my husband drives home for about twenty-five minutes for lunch. His work is literally four minutes away, so it's easy and much cheaper than grabbing his near-daily pizza from the past (and believe it or not, closer than the pizza!)

9. The Farmer's Market
We have a farmer's market in Guelph ALL YEAR ROUND. nuff said.

10. Me
Sorry if this sounds self indulgent, but I love myself. I know I'm probably in the honeymoon phase of this new part of my life, but I am so incredibly happy. This past year was very difficult for me, and I just know that God has me where he wants me to be. It's not that my life is perfect, trust me, it's not. It's just that I know I'm where I'm supposed to be, and I feel so grateful for that.

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