Monday, 2 September 2013

our new home

We are officially moved in! We're almost done unpacking, just a few more boxes to go. This has been an insanely stressful move, and I have learned a lot about moving with toddlers through this. Tip/Mistake # 1: don't bring your baby to a move, get someone to babysit!

These past few days are teaching me a lot about God's faithfulness. The day we moved I went for a walk with Penny and I was overcome with this insane amount of joy. Was this real? Are we actually living in a house, not a dorm room, or basement...but a legit house.

{to explain a bit about our house, we are living in a townhouse condo. when you walk to our front steps you see four doors, instead of two. we live on a corner lot with the main floor as our main living space, and the basement as our sleeping space. we have three bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms, and a backyard}

Here are some pictures. We have big plans to re-decorate, but we are going to go very slow and pray that God would present us with cheap alternatives (hello, craigslist and kijiji!)

living room
living room (2)
dining area
kitchen (ignore the mess!)
penny learning the stairs

penny's room (in progress) note cardboard blinds
main bathroom



  1. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the pictures. :-)

  2. WoW! Beautiful home! Congrats!!

  3. Love your house - congratulations! Is it a Minto home? I'm just curious because I bought a Minto terrace home (pre-husband) and have the exact same kitchen layout.

    1. it's Reid Homes...a small builder I believe :)