Saturday, 31 August 2013


It's moving day today. If you know me in person or have me on facebook you know just how excited I am about moving to our new house. It's our perma-home. A place to hang my coat for awhile. But, I don't want my excitement for our new house to overshadow the joy we've had in this home.

God has blessed us so much in this house. This is Penelope's first home. She lived here from four months to fifteen months (we lived with my mom when she was a newborn).

This is the house where our family began. I will miss it. We have made so many memories, and Penelope has grown so much here. It's sad that she likely won't have a single memory of this home when she's older. That's why I'm writing this blog today. If you're reading this when you're older Miss Penny, this little home of ours was your first, and you really did love it.

Here's a sneak peak of our new house, while it was being built

And some memories from our old house:

today, last breakfast here!

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