Friday, 19 July 2013

prayers for our new house

A long time ago a friend on Facebook posted that she'd prayed for specific things to be in her future home. I am going to be honest and tell you that I might have been a bit judgmental in my heart when I read that her prayers were answered.

I thought it was pure, dumb, luck. God doesn't answer prayers like that. He doesn't care about the size of your bathtub or whether you have a dishwasher. He has more important prayers to answer. I admit, I was that girl. Judging her friends for their prayers. And probably a tad jealous too.

But then, over a year ago we started the apartment hunt. And it was dreary. We were in one of the most expensive cities in the world (maybe that is an overstatement, but it didn't feel that way!) Everything we could afford was, well, gross.

I wanted my Daddy to take care of me. I wanted a home I'd be comfortable in. So, one night, in the bath, I prayed. I prayed in faith, but also with an open heart. I prayed for His Will.

And we found something that met all my prayers, and more.

Dishwasher, Laundry Room, 2 Bedrooms (sorta), Spacious. We even had a super deep bath tub for luxurious baths and a fireplace. All within our price range!

Fast forward a year, and we're apartment hunting again. This time with a bigger budget, in a cheaper city, and a family that we want to grow. My dreams are bigger, and I'm trusting the Lord with them all.

And so I pray. I pray for a dishwasher, a laundry room, and I'm fine with two bedrooms (secretly, three would be nice!) I pray boldly for big windows, and lots of them. And for a very short commute for Daniel. I trust.

And we find it. Our Home. Something we can see ourselves in for four or five years. It has everything. Windows and all. It's two spacious bedrooms, and beautiful. And it's a townhouse. Bigger than the house I grew up in. Did I mention it's a two minute drive to work?

We go to sign the lease. The woman says, "oh, the only thing is that it's three bedrooms. But it's still the same price." My heart does a flip flop. Three bedrooms? Oh Lord you know my heart! I wasn't bold enough to pray for three bedrooms, but in the corner of my heart I longed for one. It was too big a request, I thought, too extravagant. But you see every corner, and you hear, and even though I didn't have faith enough to ask.

You gave.

And then, the icing on the cake. The house was originally supposed to be purchased by a young couple who customized it. They wanted the walls painted grey. So that is what they're doing. "Is that okay," the woman asks. My heart, another flip flop. Because grey is the colour I dream of painting my home. But we won't have the money to do that when we first move in. And now, we don't have to.

Thank you Lord, for proving to me, yet again, that I am your daughter. How many years have I spent wanting a Dad who would make all my dreams come true. Why didn't I always know, that Daddy was you?

our new, unfinished home


  1. Congrats on finding a place!! I think I know where that is and you are super close to us!!! :)

    1. Yes I will msg you later and tell you the address...I dont want the whole world to know though lol!

  2. Congratulations! And praise the Lord for His blessings!