Sunday, 14 July 2013

lesson learned: fainting at weddings

I'm going to start a new series called lesson learned. I will be sharing with you stories from my life that really stick out in my mind, that have taught me important lessons to live by. Some will be more serious than others, but I thought I'd start out with a story that many know, and over one hundred people witnessed with me.


It was a breezy spring day in May. The perfect day, in my opinion. It also happened to be my wedding day. I had carefully planned out my wedding, down to every little detail. But no moment is more anticipated than the moment that the bride walks down the aisle. It is the moment. I had dreamed about it for many years, and especially in the last year. It was my time to shine, the only chance I had to walk down that aisle and do my thang. Whatever that means.

My husband and I were married on top of a terrace. There were lots of stairs to walk up before I could reach that aisle. I slowly climbed the stairs, careful not to trip and fall. The climb seemed a bit proverbial to me. How many metaphorical stairs had I climbed up to reach this moment in my life? A lot. 

About halfway up the stairs, I heard a crash, and a loud collective gasp. At first I pictured my beautiful flower arrangement crashing to the floor. This sucks, I thought. But then my Mom started freaking out, and I pictured someone having a heart attack and dying moments before my wedding. I felt like I was having the worst nightmare a bride could ever have.

Quickly, my wedding planner ushered me down the stairs before my guests could catch a glimpse of me. Nobody died. But the best man had fainted.

What the *BLEEP* That's all I could think. My perfect moment was ruined.

I wasn't thinking about seizures, or ambulances, or doctors. I wasn't thinking about brain damage or the little wisp of hair that blew across the floor. I wasn't thinking about blood or serious injuries. I was only thinking about me.

As soon as it happened, it was over. Our best man was taken away by ambulance. I took a deep breath. Walked down the aisle, knowing that that perfect moment was gone. My mind was on other things. It was all a blur.

But the end result was the same. A wedding day, uniting two people into one flesh. A marriage that will result in a lifetime of perfect and not so perfect moments.

those dang proverbial stairs!


How many lessons did I learn from that day? I learned a lot.

I learned that it's always better to think of others before yourself.
I learned that no highly anticipated moment turns out how we imagine it, so it's best just not to imagine it. To just let it be.
I learned that sometimes a wedding day isn't about the couple. Sometimes it's about the people that gather. Sometimes it's about the way they handle a highly stressful situation. It's about doctors, and nurses, and police officers, and friends..it's about love in all forms.
I learned that God takes care of us and gives us what we need, but not always what we want.
I learned that moments like this, where something I thought I highly valued is taken from me, reveal to me what truly matters.

And I learned that everybody loves the old "someone fainted at my wedding" story. It never fails. Two years later, and whenever our wedding comes up, someone always has to ask, "how is that guy doing? That really was something."

Yes, yes it was.

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  1. That is quite a memorable story! :-) I learned so much during that period of my life...courtship, engagement, wedding day, first year or marriage. I hadn't realized how selfish I was until then. God used it (and is still using it!) in my life. I am so blessed to have a wonderful, godly husband.