Saturday, 13 July 2013

{how to} make homemade liquid hand soap

I have been wanting to make some homemade liquid hand soap for a long time, and I finally got around to doing it this week. Here's why:

>> it's cheaper!
>> you can buy natural soaps such as Dr. Bronmer's or Soap Works, making your home more natural!
>> if you choose, you can get fragrance free (great when you're washing little hands!)

I found a great website that gives you two really easy recipes, I tried the first (and slightly harder) recipe, only because it was cheaper for me.

cucumber and calendula from Soap Works
total cost: $3.00


>> If you are even a LITTLE bit sensitive to scent (I am) I would recommend buying scent-free soap. I did not, and I have been sneezing and even went to bed with a really sore throat.
>> Prepare ahead of time. I did not. I would recommend cleaning your kitchen really well before you start, going out and buying a dollar store grater, bowl, ladle, and funnel. Use these as your "soap making" tools and keep them separate in your kitchen. It will make clean up much easier and just make you feel better knowing your cheese doesn't take like soap!

Next time, I plan on doing Recipe # 2 (the easier recipe) with scent-free castile soap. I also plan on purchasing a foaming soap dispenser since the second recipe is apparently not very thick (mine came out super thick and sort of resembles snot).

Overall, I'm glad I did this recipe. It cost me a mere $3 for about 2 - 3 months worth of hand soap. The scent is really nice now that I'm only washing my hands with it (inhaling the finely grated shards of soap wasn't so fun). Plus the soap is really moisturizing, my hands feel super soft!

What do you use for hand soap? Do you have a homemade recipe or do you buy your own?


  1. I've never thought too much about making my own hand soap. I just thought it sounded like too much work. But...I could do this! :-) (Honestly, it's the saving money part that caught my eye. :-))

    And I already have all of the ingredients for the second recipe shared on that blog. :-)

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