Friday, 7 June 2013

im not perfect

I think sometimes it's good to admit we're not perfect, and that's okay. We'll never be perfect, and sometimes it's important to realize that maybe perfection isn't all it's cracked up to be. Yes, we must strive for excellence (Matt. 5:48, Philippians 4:8), but perfection in the inside doesn't always look like perfection on the outside. To have a pure and gentle spirit doesn't mean our lives will look wonderful and perfect on the outside.

So here's some ways in my life that I can admit, I'm not perfect.

note: this list is meant to poke holes in our idea that being "good and pure" in our hearts means looking that everything is pulled together in our homes and families. None of these things are "bad", and I'm not suggesting that you're doing something wrong if you're doing them too. I'm simply showing you that we need to stop feeling like we need to have everything in order in our homes, when our hearts are in total disarray!

1. I don't make my husband breakfast or lunch. He's on his own for both, unless of course he wants to eat what I'm making myself and he's around to do that (but lots of times he's not interested or not there!)
2. My daughter doesn't bathe daily. I used to have an obsession with ending the day with a bath for Penelope. Not any more. She's lucky if she gets three in one week.
3. I have a weakness for sweets. I honestly love sweet food, and really, all food. I'm starting to really like the verses in Ecclesiastes that say, "eat, drink, and be joyful."
4. I spend too much time on the computer. This is something I'd really like to work on, but I think dramatic measures, like leaving our computers at Daniel's office for the weekend, might need to happen.
5. I don't go on date nights. Daniel and I spend plenty of time together, but we very rarely go on a date night. They are always special and treasured treats!
6. I subscribe to way too many travel deal sites. Every day I get emails about last minute trips to Hawaii, Mexico, and Italy. It's cruel, really.
7. I get angry easily. I'm actually a very passionate person, even though I might seem very mild-tempered most of the time. But if I see even a hint of injustice, I'm all over that. I can also get easily frustrated at my own family, for silly reasons.
8. I have too many personal goals. I can be way hard on myself, and have all these goals and dreams for myself. I want to eat all natural, have only homemade products in the house (like laundry detergent and hand soap), I want my blog to be successful, I want to write a book, I want to raise and foster a fantastic relationship with my child and I want her to be well mannered and well behaved. I want to save lots of money and be a money guru that never over spends and only lives off what they need. Oh man, I fail at it all, because I expect way too much of myself!

Okay, so that's me and my imperfect self! :) How about you?

 The key is to admit where we fail, accept the things that aren't that important, and work to change the big issues. Don't forget too, we need to recognize the really great things we do too, because trust me, there are a lot of those!

I think I need to work on # 4 and # 8. Which basically just means working on #4! Ha!


  1. Wow, I didn't know someone of these standards were required to be "perfect" lol! I actually don't know a single woman who makes her husband breakfast or lunch, unless it's a family meal she's making and he's included...

    and my doctor actually discouraged me from bathing my babies every day because it can dry their skin (though toddlers get dirtier so sometimes now it's necessary in our house), if that makes you feel better!

    always a great thing to remind ourselves though :)

    1. ya I tried to write things that are "outward" on purpose...it's what we sometimes thing we need to be perfect in...when really it's the inside that matters. And I have read lots of "conservative" books on biblical womanhood that would say not making your husband lunch is kinda selfish ! lol! I totally dont buy into it but I did as a naive engaged girl! :)

      and that is good to know on the bathing front. I kinda just figure if she looks clean, she is clean! lol! I mean, I'm wiping her down all the time with cloths and stuff...but I bet I'll be bathing her more when she's getting into stuff more ! :)

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