Saturday, 1 June 2013

baby names that go with penelope

(I'm not pregnant)

I figured I would put that out there since this post title might suggest I am. I do love baby names though, and I love looking through baby name books and thinking about possible options. I want my kids' names to "go together", but not in a very obvious way (all my kids won't be "P" names!)

I do find though that I tend to favour certain letters and types of names. Here is a current list of my favourite letters and baby names!

girls: Pippa, Pilar, Poppy, Polly, Piper
but all these names are just a bit too matchy-matchy for me with Penelope, so I don't think any would be a winner!

girls: Gloriana, Gwyneth, Georgia, Genesis
Most of these names are very old, but there is only one in here that could be a possible winner. Also, Penelope's middle name was almost Gloriana. And her first name was almost another one of these names (which I won't mention, in case we bring it back next time!)

girls: Zara, Zahara, Zoey, Zenobia
My love for Z names probably has a lot to do with the fact that my mom's maiden name starts with a Z. I'd love to bring the Z back!

boys: Theodore, Thaddeus, Tobias
Theo/Theodore is my all time favourite boy's name, and would have been Penelope's name if she was a boy. For some reason Daniel doesn't like it any more though, so I think it's out for us. *TEARS*

boys: Nathaniel/Nathan, Noah, Nehemiah

There are lots of other names I love, some even better than these listed. But for some reason I am drawn to these letters. In order for a name to go with Penelope though, I think I would need a multi-syllable name, that has been around for many, many years. A Greek name is even better.

Can't you imagine Penelope & Theodore? Or Penelope and Zenobia? 
What names do you like from this list? 
Can you think of others with these letters?

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