Wednesday, 1 May 2013

stretch marks as art {a sort of poem}

I have stretch marks.
And by stretch marks, I mean, streetttccchhh marks.
Midwives, doctors, interns etc, would often go "bug-eyed" when they saw my stretch marks.
They were that bad.

A year after giving birth, and they haven't magically disappeared.
But, they have faded (thankfully!)
Still, they're there, and some days I just wish I could take them off.
Like a heavy coat, or thick track pants.
They weigh me down.

I wonder though, if I could just think of my stretch marks differently.
Perhaps I wouldn't be so ashamed of wearing them?
I could even, dare I say, be proud?

My stretch marks are my badge of honour.
This body carried a child.
Eight pound, nine and a half ounces of baby girl.
This body of mine nurtured life, for nine months.
The stretch marks grew and deepened, sometimes giving off a purplish hue.
As my daughter grew, and my love for her deepened.
I couldn't get that colour out of my mind.
Because to me, it signifies everything girly (forget pink!)

My little girl. A girl whose heart beat inside of me.
Stronger each day.

What are stretch marks?
Proof that a child grew inside of me.
A display for all to see, that our body's were created.
for true greatness.

What are stretch marks?
But a visual representation.
That my Lord, who breathed life into me, breathed life inside of me.
And perhaps, with his precious fingers, drew purple lines into my skin.

God's Art.

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  1. Oh I have them bad too. Not just on y stomache, though that is where the majority lie.
    But it's all worth it :)

    P.s. penny and Peyton were the exact same birth weight

    1. wow I did not know that Peyton weight that much! pen was so swollen though so I think she looked chubbier than she really was.

      and I don't have any on my stomach - they are ALL down my legs...thighs/hips...behind my knees..and even down my calf a bit. I had soo much water weight. Weird though, but also difficult to hide in summer season!

    2. Brianna I have stretch marks down the back of my knees too, so I can sympathize with how that might make you feel... I have had mine since high school. Since I went to a Catholic high school, the girls wore kilts and I would sometimes feel quite self conscious about it. But I've learned to accept them and they do fade with time.

      But you now have a beautiful baby! I'll need this encouragement one day when I'm preggo/new mom. Thanks!

    3. you are beautiful!! stretch marks and all!! :) I find being a mom does make me less self conscious of things..I guess my mind is focused on too many things! lol