Tuesday, 14 May 2013

no spend week [day two]

We made it through day two of no spend week (well, almost). Here's the stats for the day.


breakfast: whole wheat banana bread
lunch: personal pizzas
dinner: left over homemade mac n cheese
snacks: banana bread, cheese slices, homemade sweet potato fries


library: we took Pen to play at the library, she loves the children's area there. I grabbed some books and rented Silver Linings Playbook (I'll watch it either tonight by myself or tomorrow with Daniel).
outside time: I took the garbage out, which is something I never do because it takes forever and I have no where to put Penelope. I decided to put her in her stroller in the backyard while I went up and down the stairs, and around the whole house three times. She had fun.
phone: talking on the phone is free! I called my Mom, my Grandma, and my best friend Ashley.


food: we're running out, and fast. I'm going to need to get really creative. My goal is to make it to Friday, and then I'll likely need to spend $20 or so on some fruits and veggies.
lunches: for Daniel, it's hard for me when I don't have leftovers for dinner to give him as lunch. I haven't packed him a lunch yet, and it's already 8pm. I'm thinking I might send him to work lunchless and hope for the best (don't worry, he'll buy something if food doesn't magically turn up, although surprisingly he often works it out!)
entertainment: I love going to this local cafe for a coffee and treat during the day. The weather has been miserable, which means I haven't been too tempted. But, it's supposed to get nice out soon!

interested in a no spend challenge?
here are some helpful links!

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