Wednesday, 15 May 2013

no spend week [day three]

It's the end of day three for our no spend week! So far we haven't spent any money, but we may have cheated a bit today (I won't go into details, but we may have some extra food in our fridge that we didn't pay for - thanks mama sue!)


breakfast: tea and banana bread
lunch: chicken leg and rice
snacks: cookies, icecream (it was a healthy day!)
dinner: chicken tortillas with onions and peppers


grocery store: Pen loves going here, so that was major entertainment for her.
guests: We also had my childhood friend Nick over for dinner. We figured since we had a guest over we could use some spare pocket change to go get ice cream too.


I'm learning to make up my rules as I go along. I know today we "failed" by getting groceries and buying icecream, but my main rule is to not use any money from our debit account, since that is what I go by when I'm banking.

I'm also learning a lot about simplifying life and just loving life without the extras. This week I've played so much with Penelope and watched her grow and have fun. For some reason, doing this no spend week is making me see the beauty in simplicity, and the people I love.

I am also realizing how much food we have in our house! There are tons of hidden treasures I didn't take advantage of. Today was a lot of work though because I cooked an entire chicken in the morning, and made wraps, chicken broth, and soup (for tomorrow).


  1. I think I would have trouble not getting gas for the car.

    1. lol oh no, we are spending money on everything that we NEED...just not wants. So we put gas in our car, but we're not going on long meandering drives :)

  2. So...how did the rest of your week go?? :-)

    1. It went well! :) I will need to write a follow up post soon! :)