Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Happy Two Years!

some people say your life ends when you get married.
i'd say my life just began.

some say the best years are the single years. 
i'd say, those are the worst.

these have been the best years.
these two years that i've shared with the love of my life.

each morning i wake up and see my husband next to me,
i know, it's going to be a good day.

i'm proud of him.
when i see him on stage, preaching the gospel, in front of hundreds.
because i was there, while he studied, and poured over his notes.
i was there when he was on his knees.
begging God, "speak through me."
and i was there, when God answered.
and i hear the Holy Spirit, not my husband.

i'm proud of him.
for leading my family, a family i never dreamed of having.
the way he encourages me each day.
the way he tells me i'm beautiful and he loves me.
and did you read your bible today?
i love that.

i'm proud of him.
as a father, because he's the father i never had.
i'm in awe every time i see my baby girl light up
because he's around.
i love watching them cuddle, play, dance, sing
do life together.

i love these two years.
as hard as they've been,
they're a thousand times more beautiful.
more sacred.
more precious.
more intimate. 
more lovely.

thank you Lord,
for these two years.
thank you for giving me this simple life.
a life that i prayed for. 
please give us

Happy Two Year Anniversary Daniel!

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