Friday, 12 April 2013

this week

{at the end of each week I'm planning on doing a re-cap of the week. This way when someone asks me what I did this week I won't have to give them a blank stare and blame mommy brain for my complete lack of memory}

>> a much anticipated mommy date with one of my favourite women in the world, J. She made the trek out to my place with her two youngest (she has five!)
>> lots of great moments with many women I love: my mama, my MIL, and my best friend Ashley. One funny evening in particular with Ashley, we got way too over-tired and giggled like high school girls for awhile. I can't remember why though, blaming that on mom brain.
>> my daughter passed out in the stroller for the first time on a beautiful walk. I had to carry her (26-pounds) in her stroller, down a winding staircase to our house. brutal, but so worth it, because she napped for over two hours in the mud room.
>> I ran outside in my slippers only to realize it was snowing. in mid-April. thanks Canada.

>> The Good Wife. I'm obsessed. If you're watching the show too please let me know so that we can dish about how awesome it is.
>> Empty Promises by Pete Wilson. This is a highly recommended book for anyone who tends to mix up their priorities and seek validation in empty things (so, basically every one).
>> This little office. It would be very easy to create in my own office space. I'm not sure how my husband would feel about it though.

>> Elevation Church has started some amazing creative projects that will just blow your mind. Watch this video. See? Mind blown.
>> In case you live under a rock and haven't seen this already, you need to check out the reasons this man's son is crying. They are hilarious and totally legit.

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