Thursday, 11 April 2013

tell me your truths

I thought I'd share a few truths about myself as a way to introduce who I am and what this blog is about. Leave me a comment and introduce yourself with some of your own truths.

PS: If my husband was here he would try to be funny and combine the words introduce and truth and say something like, "introtruth yourself." Well, he's not here but I am, so introtruth yourself, and also....try to say introtruth five times fast and let me know how that goes.

I'm married (to a very zany, strange, and hilarious man). He is a youth pastor, which is very fitting because he loves God with all his heart and soul and loves to play, so those two things combined = his job. We also have a daughter who is his exact carbon copy. She is almost 1-years-old and very zany and fun too. I am the exact opposite and it takes all of my emotional energy to keep up with these two (please Lord give me a bookish child next to even the score).

a recent picture of my two best friends

I became a Christian when I was eleven at VBS. I spent a few years being a total Jesus Freak. I had a bracelet to that effect and everything. I lost track of who I was for a few years as a teen, maybe I'll tell you about that over some tea one day. At nineteen I totally changed my life and became a Jesus Freak again, but this time I was a lot less annoying about it. My spiritual life has not been perfect since, but I am striving to be like my Lord each day and growing more each day. I'll never be perfect, I'm learning to accept that.

If you're an acquaintance of mine you'll probably think I'm either very shy or very snobby. Most people go with the latter (my friends always tell me after becoming my friends that they thought I was rude and aloof). I am working on it, really. I am an only child and have major issues with crowds and socialization. I'm trying to not be so shy, but learning it's just a part of my nature. So if you're my acquaintance  come say hello to me and once we've had a one-on-on chat you'll realize I'm not really a snob. I promise!

Obviously people use their blog as a platform to share the things that they love and that interest them. My homemaking loves include organization, cooking with whole foods, cleaning with natural products (but I hate cleaning in general), saving money, and buying as much as possible used (except for my underwear and my food...)

I also just love motherhood and marriage and sharing how wonderful (and hard) both these things are. Of course, my main love is Jesus. He's the reason I do everything I do, so he'll be around this blog a lot.

I am really bad at a few things. I'll just let you know up front what they are so that you don't get confused later. I suck at crafting, home decor, fancy meal making, and pretty picture taking. I'm also not hugely into putting pressure on myself to do "everything". I know lots of blogs look like every moment of the day is fruitful and fun, but that's not me or my blog. I like to watch TV, I'll never make tortillas from scratch, sometimes when I'm really tired I lay down on the floor and pretend to play with my daughter (but really I'm trying to nap). Usually she just sits on my head, and occasionally farts in my face. 

I just want to be real. I want to tell you real stories. Take real pictures. Show you that I'm a real person. I won't tell you everything about my life, because I did that before on old blogs and it gets exhausting. I will be who I can be on this blog, and I can't wait to get to know you too!

 proof that I suck at crafting

"Find yourself a cup, the teapot is behind you. Now tell me hundreds of things." Saki


  1. I think my favourite part was the fake playing/napping and having a child sit on your face. It was like a picture of my own life :)

    1. thanks for being my FIRST ever comment, wahoo! haha!! it's so true about play napping. they will never be the wiser (well, until they read this blog)

  2. How is it, that I just read this? Ha ha, these are wonderful little tidbits about yourself Brianna. I as well, am shy and reserved with people who I don't really know that well, and I think sometimes they might see me as snobbish, but I'm literally just not comfortable in certain social situations. It sounds like you and Daniel are a perfect match!!