Wednesday, 17 April 2013

self esteem & daughters

It's important to me that my daughter has a positive self-esteem as a child, adolescent, and grown woman. I believe that it's my responsibility to set the tone when it comes to body image, beauty, and self-confidence. Here's how we're trying to create a positive home environment to foster appreciation for ourselves and our bodies.

1. no more negativity. I recently made the decision to stop using negative language to describe myself (or any one else). In the past I would call myself "fat" or say that I felt "ugly today". No more. I know that my daughter's little ears are taking in everything I say, and I don't want her to project my negative attitude about my body onto herself (this means not having a negative attitude in the first place!)

2. limit media. In our home I try my best to limit the media I'm engaged in. I watch very limited TV, and my plan is to eventually get rid of the TV all together. We don't read magazines (other than Today's Parent). I unsubscribe from any Facebook friends who post pictures that I find inappropriate, and I only read blogs that encourage me and build me up.

Penelope's father will tell her she's beautiful
every single day

3. encourage, encourage, encourage. I recently read a post where the blogger said that she doesn't point out the positives of her daughter's physical appearance, for fear that she will feel that is where her value lies. I completely disagree with this approach. My daughter is beautiful, and I plan on telling her that every single day. She has beautiful blue eyes, lovely blonde hair, the cutest dimple in her chin, and a beautifully shaped face. She also has an amazing sense of humour, is very bright and intelligent, is assertive and confident, and very physically active and advanced for her age. She will hear all these things from me and more, because she deserves to feel beautiful and wonderful on the inside and out!

already texting! uh oh.

4. foster healthy habits. My final point is that just because I don't want my daughter to obsess over her appearance, and I want her to have a biblical understanding of true beauty, I still want her to teach her healthy habits. I want us to eat healthy, and talk to her about what it means to fuel our bodies with healthy foods. I want to incorporate exercise into our daily routine by doing fun things as a family such as playing at the park, dancing to worship music, or going for fun adventure walks. I want healthy living to be ingrained into her lifestyle from a young age, so that it's not even something she needs to think about when she's older.

I'm not a gym person
but I love a fun adventure

Let me know if you can think of any additional pointers, I'm all ears!

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