Monday, 15 April 2013

penelope's first birthday is a big deal

Penelope is turning one-years-old on May 16th. Honestly typing that sentence is confusing, because I'm pretty sure she looked like this last week:

the first picture of Penelope
I'm not sure how she can go from an eight-pound nine-ounce bundle of cuteness to a laughing and crawling twenty-six pounder, especially in a week. It's just crazy.

she's like renesmee from twilight.
fastest growing baby ever.
She is honestly the funniest, most lovable, and hilarious little person I have ever known. I just love this child and am so honoured to be her mama. She is nothing like me, at all, and that terrifies me a bit. She forces me to be goofy, loud, and a little crazy, and that's a good thing.

Moving along to the point of this post...it's going to be her birthday soon! I decided a long time ago that I really wanted to have a big birthday party for my first and only child (for now at least!) I started planning early, delegating tasks to other family members, and fantasizing about the general awesomeness of which I dream her party will be.

I know some people might think that it's strange that I want to do a big party for my 1-year-old who will be oblivious to the amount of blood, sweat, and tears I've poured for one day, but here is my defense for considering this day a big deal:

1. It's MY day, people. Just this once, I am going to allow my child's birthday to be about me. I mean, approximately 365-days ago I was in labour for 22-hours, and ended up pushing this giant of a baby out of me in under thirty minutes. It was not an easy task. Not to mention the nine months she grew inside of my body.

2. It's an excuse to see my friends. The unfortunate part about having a child at 22 is that none of your friends have kids. Therefore, this will be a mainly adult party (with a kid's theme, we'll see how that goes down). I'm excited to see all my friends who live far away. Many of our friends have only seen Pen once or twice, so this will be a great excuse to have them visit.

3. It's a fun project. As a stay-at-home mom, I can get bogged down by the monotony of changing diapers, folding laundry, and changing more diapers. I love staying at home, but sometimes it's nice to have a special and unique project.

4. Birthdays are special. I believe that children should always feel special, but sometimes it's important to make a really big deal over our kids. Birthdays, for example, are really special. Kids should feel cherished and extra adored on this day, because they're worth it and they deserve it. I don't believe in buying lots of presents (Pen is getting one very small gift from us). But I think the experience of a fun-filled day with laughter and joy will create a memory that lasts forever. Maybe not for her first birthday, but for sure for future ones!

5. The first year is hard, so party on! Finally, I'm just going to be real here and say that the first year of having a first child is incredibly difficult. It's a major life change that is full of blessings and trials. I would never have it any other way, but I'm going to celebrate the end of this first year of parenthood with a bang (and a caesar or two).

What about you? Do you think it's important to make a big deal about birthdays? What were your childhood birthdays like?
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  1. Hi Bri,

    As a child my parents could not afford to have special birthdays for me but somehow they were all memorable. My mom always tried her best to make me feel special on my birthday. As a teenager I didn't want my mom to make a big deal of my birthday, I mean what was the point, cake, food..yipeee. However, as I am getting older and wiser I am realizing that birthdays in itself are definitely a reason to celebrate the life of a loved one. I definitely think that birthdays are something to make a big deal out of, every year we encounter many blessings and trials I think its important to celebrate making it another year.

  2. I totally agree with you girl!! We don't have money to have a big huge birthday with all the bells and whistles, we're just trying to create fun memories for our family. each year is worthy of celebration, no matter what you're age. I find now, if nobdoy cares about my bday, I get kinda sad. It makes you feel special to be recognized by the people you love on your birthday!

  3. HI Brianna,
    I'm pretty sure that before your little name sake (my Brianna) was born I was planning her 1st birthday! The same thing would be true for Nicholas, too. My mom always made a big deal of my birthday and I wanted to do the same for my kid's. One of the highlights of my year is planning my kid's birthday parties. We've had some great ones...the more people the better! There is nothing wrong with wanting to give your kid's that amazing special day each year. The first couple are kind of the best because they really do get to be more what you want...once they start talking kid's tend to start adding their two cents to the planning and it becomes more of a team event planning. Have a blast with her first birthday...enjoy every minute of planning and hosting....great memories will be made. My Brianna's first birthday was a "Winnie The Pooh" themed one. Nicholas had a Reindeer/Santa one. They were both sooooo much fun!

    1. Just in case you don't know who cmesfamily is, it's me.....Barb Quirie White

    2. And it's always been more about fun, friends & family than money. It's amazing what you can do on a minimal budget.

    3. Hi Barb..exactly...I agree with you on what you're saying! We are on a VERY minimal budget, and both grandmas are helping us to host the party so it's a family event! lol! Our theme is teddy bear picnic, I'll post lots of pictures when it's all done! :)