Friday, 26 April 2013

this week

>> This week everything went back to normal, and I seriously enjoyed having a "normal" week.
>> I discovered a new local cafe that is about fifteen minutes (walking) from here, and I went THREE times. It is extremely affordable though, it's almost...laughable. It's just so cheap and amazing.
>> Pen is starting to stand for short periods of time.
>> Penelope finally achieved one of her life long goals. She ran away from me while I was changing a poopy diaper. It was not a pretty sight, but it will be a memorable story to tell her when she's older!

>> my friend Samantha, who is also the designer of my blog, allowed me to guest post on her blog about how we've managed to stay out of debt.
>> If I could get a friend to help me decorate my house, it'd be my friend Emily. Check out her kids' co-ed bedroom.
>> This post really encouraged me to challenge my views on my body. This comes at a perfect time for me, since I have a few pounds I'm trying to lose.
>> In case you missed some posts this week on my blog, the most popular were: saving money in the kitchen, my approval addiction, and how-to drink more water.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing the blog post about body image. It was eye opening and encouraging.