Saturday, 27 April 2013

city adventures {the danforth}

Oh my, could it be? Has Spring actually arrived? Today was a seriously gorgeous day, I actually felt hot at one point, and wondered if we should buy some sunscreen for Penelope. I never thought I'd be giddy over thoughts of sunscreen, but I am.

The return of Spring also means the return of fun adventures in our home. Today we decided to drive down to The Beaches in Toronto (or is it Scarborough?) We went a little early, and didn't dress properly  so our plans changed after about ten minutes of walking down the bored walk..I mean board walk.

our awesome adventure day

We ended up driving to the Danforth, also known as Greektown in Toronto. I have been craving some good authentic Greek food for a few weeks. We drove past Mr. Greek and I had to scoff a bit, who goes to Mr. Greek when they're in the middle of Greektown, seriously?

We ended up sharing a Chicken Gyros dinner plate at Alexandro's, and it definitely cured my Greek craving! I loved walking down Danforth Avenue and checking out all the neat shops. Walking down a neighbourhood in Toronto is probably one of my favourite ways to spend a Saturday, and this was for sure a great spot to check out. If you're ever in the area I'd recommend checking out:

Book City: a really large bookstore with a ton of books to browse through. I don't think they sell any used books, so the prices aren't cheap here. It's mostly fun to check out some new and unique titles that you wouldn't find at big box bookstores.
Ten Thousand Villages: I always check out this store wherever we are. This is a great place to find unique gifts. We bought Penelope's birthday gift here (more on that in a future post!)
Grassroots Environmental Project: Another fun gift shop with tons of really unique products that you wouldn't typically find. Super pricey though, more of a "browsing" place. They had a bamboo bib that I thought would be great for Penelope.
Fab Baby Gear: A really neat store where you can find every trendy baby product imaginable. I was totally crushing on a pair of Baby Toms and Baby Banz for my monkey.
 Gifts from the Earth: We spent forever in this store. It is full of really amazing gemstones. This is one of those one in a million stores. They had great little gems that you could buy, ranging from $1 - $10. You can even buy fossilized dinosaur poop for about $20.
Suckers Candy Co: This place is the store of every child's dreams, candy galore.
Crema Coffee Co: I bought a small coffee from here and it was ah-mazing. They even have raw sugar that you can put in your coffee in the self-serve station. They had some delicious looking baked goods too.

Adventures are fun, especially when it takes under an hour to get to them! In total we spent under $20 (lunch for 2, Penelope's gift, and my coffee), not including gas! Someone gave us a free parking ticket, which was such a huge blessing!

How did you spend this gorgeous day? Have you been to the Danforth or any of these shops?

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  1. My wedding gown was from a store in Greektown! But I didn't ever take the chance to explore the area... I should go back and walk around.